Refinancing & Transfers

Interested in purchasing, refinancing, or developing a piece of residential property? Turkin Mortgage offers a range of financing options based on your industry and needs. Solutions include bridge, construction/development, and mezzanine options that can help strengthen your agreements.

People refinance their mortgages for a variety of reasons. Some people refinance to purchase another property, pay for post-secondary education, or pay off debts and save money by refinancing at a lower rate. If interest rates are lower than when you took out your mortgage or if you have higher interest rate debt, refinancing can get your monthly payments back under control while paying down your debt – not just the interest.

Quick Mortgage Approval:

Qualifying for a loan isn’t always easy. Some ventures are more complicated than others, and many private lenders struggle to work within the client’s desired timeframe. At Turkin Mortgage, however, we offer fast approvals for experienced buyers. So if you are hoping to fund a project that’s been declined by a traditional lender, please connect with us. We’ll walk you through your options and create a custom solution just for you.

Transfer Fees Covered

Every project is unique – and for this reason, our loan terms are extremely flexible. Turkin Mortgage offers on-balance sheet portfolio financing ranging from $1 million to more than $400 million, including some of the industry’s most competitive fixed and floating rates. Solutions also include non-recourse and recourse financing, along with options that accommodate all major asset types and timeframes. Short to mid-length terms range from one to five years, with some terms available for up to 10 years for approved, stabilized deals.

Ultimately, we offer a full suite of financing solutions for all stages and types of commercial real estate projects.

How much do you want to borrow?

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