PRELUDE EPISODE: Show the people how the sausage is made Obligatory Intro Episode

Show Outline

0:00 Introduction.
01:18 How Eugene comes up Alpha Nuggets podcast.
02:24 Get to know the hosts.
07:48 Alpha Nuggets Prelude episode kicks off.
09:44 What you should expect in this podcast.
14:08 Episode ideas to expect.
15:19 Its a wrap!

Leon Turkin and Eugene Nisenker are both owners of Turkin Mortgage. With 10+ years of entrepreneurial experiences between the two of them and their partnership in the mortgage industry; they decided to come together and bring their no BS casual talks into podcast form. In this prelude episode you will hear the WHY behind Alpha Nuggets and what you will expect to hear every other Monday when the podcast is uploaded. There will be guests joining the podcast each week, that are experts in the field they come from. We hope you guys tune in and find the “alpha nuggets” in each episode to apply to your life and help elevate you above the status quo.

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