Episode 1: Trust Me to Get You to the Promise Land

Show Outline

0:00 Welcome
0:49 How we interact and retain client.
01:22 How do we source our clients.
07:10 Establishing trust is a major factor in selling.
09:14 Everything is always changing. Real estate is changing.
12:40 Commodity is Money, Money is Oxygen
14:31 Trust Me to Get You to the Promise Land in the Best Way Possible.
17:15 Making Decisions – Gauge The Situation And The Customer
50:02 When Do You Cut Your Losses? When Do you Cut Your Client?
01:03:22 Healthy competition sounds fun!
01:16:00 Wrapping It Up

This week Leon sits down with his two bestfriends Shamil Shamilov, founder of dNOVOgroup marketing, and Dmitri G, owner of Alda windows. They go in depth about their experiences with building a business from the ground up. They tackle how to interact wth clients, ways to survive in similar industries, creating boundaries and supporting each other through it all.

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